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Chris Rainier is one of the world’s best photographers, according to me and some other people I’ve heard of. I’ve been trying for a few years now—along with Gordon Henderson at 90th Parallel—to sell a documentary film on Chris and we finally got some broadcasters on board (Bravo, Documentary Channel, Smithsonian) so we jetted off to Indonesia last month.

Tattoo Artist Picture

The artist

The artist ‘Shan Yi’ of this work has also included his name and seal inscribed. TEN’s company expressed that: “Earlier this year, they have a chance to meet this well known tattoo master and has this drawings tattoo on her body.

tattoo at her back

Before new female duo ‘TEN’ has debuts, not only their promotional photos caused a stir to the netizens that they are lesbians but when one of the members has make known to public that she has a tattoo at her back on 29 July last month this also created as one of the hottest topic for the netizens.

MAC & Rodarte Do Tattoo’s for Spring 2010

By Aubry Bozzano & Leah Jayasanker

Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte decided to uniquely accessorize their Spring 2010 Collection using MAC makeup artists alongside their stellar talents. The design duo collaborated with MAC senior artist Chantel Miller and key artist James Kaliardos to create a Maori-inspired geometric tattoo-look. According to Miller, “The idea for the tattoos stemmed from Kate and Laura’s desire to celebrate makeup as art not only for the face, but also for the body in a similar way that Indian culture uses henna. They want women to look at makeup as an accessory for an outfit the way you would a bracelet or a necklace.”

After much collaboration four different full sleeves, one neck and eight half-sleeves of makeup-styled ink totaled 13 creations, all of which evoked feelings of a futuristic tribe. When the time came to bring the designs to life, it took forty artists and four hours to hand paint the body art onto the models. Miller said, “Application is key to creating a body art look like this, so the brushes play an essential part.”

Rodarte’s combined forces with MAC certainly are a perfect example of how artistic collaboration can bring a collection to life on the catwalk.

sexy tattoo 2010

tattoo artist 2010

(L-R) Actress Juliette Lewis, guest, Tattoo artist Kat Von D, and Actor Eric Balfour attend the G Star Spring 2010 fashion show at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 15, 2009 in New York, New York.

Diego Maradona Tattoos

Diego Maradona is the legendary Argentine football player, consider by many as the best to ever play the game of football.

Diego Maradona currently has five tattoos, including the names of both his daughters "Gianinna and Dalma" on each forearm.

He has a tattoo of the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara, on his upper right arm. Diego has been quoted as saying "I carry him on my arm and in my heart. I learned his story, I learned to love him. I think I know the truth about him."

On his left leg is a portrait tattoo of former prime minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Diego said "Meeting him was like touching the sky with my hands. What he has done for me is indescribable. Along with God, he is the reason I am alive."

Diego also has a dragon tattooed on his left arm.

Enjoy these pictures of Diego Maradona and his tattoo designs.

Sexiest Girl with Merax Tattoo style

Sexy Girl With Simple Flower tattoo Style On Tetex

Triple Sexy Girl Tattoo Style

Xed LeHead - Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Expo Monterrey Mexico Artist

La Bella Vista Tattoo

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my birthday tattoos, lyrics from green day's newest album. they have been my favourite band for 11 years, they are pretty much responsible for the person i am today, i feel like permanently placing their words under my skin is the least i can do as thanks. even if i wasn't madly in love with green day, these lyrics mean a lot to me.

and on thursday, i'm going to be starting my crafty lady sleeve project. i'll be getting a sewing judy on my right arm right about the lyrics. i'm taking my sketches and ideas down to my artist thursday, so it will be done in the next couple of weeks.

big fish tattoo

Tattoo News Review

Tons of tattoo stories topped the headlines, and I've trolled through them all to bring ya the good, bad and the whatthefuck

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Dragon Style Of Japanese Tattoo Art

CATWOMAN TATTOO ART By Artist Josh Reynolds

Here's a recent Batman-Style Tattoo done by the Famous Tattoo Artist Josh Reynolds. It's a very detailed piece of art! ( Be sure to click on it for a larger, more detailed, photo ). Of course, it's CATWOMAN from the 1992 Batman Returns movie. The thing that's co cool about it is that it looks EXACTLY like Michelle Pfeiffer! Josh is really good at the "Photo-Realistic" tattoos. In fact, if you're interested in seeing more of his artwork ( both tattoo art & paintings ) then just click right HERE!

hawaiian tribal tattoo designs

hawaiian tattoo ideas

hawaiian flower tattoos

tattoo pank

hawaiian polynesian tattoos

Tattoos have

Tattoos have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They are an art to themselves. Some people have dedicated their lives to doing the work of tattoos. Some call it skin art. Others have used their bodies as a canvas for tattoo artists.

In doing research for this topic I found four interesting facts from a Harris Survey.

Tattoo Art Fest

the biggest french tattoo convention

During three days, the biggest french tattoo convention, the Tattoo Art Fest, took place, for the third time, in the Parc Floral and gathered 7000 visitors around more than 150 world wide tattoo artists, featuring tattoo contests, burlesque shows, graffiti artists, photo exhibitions, and concerts

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"Pat Fish has long been renowned across the globe as one of the most talented Celtic tattoo artists.
Her personal connection with Irish culture and knowledge of its symbolism, as well as her steady hand
and talented artistry, make her a top choice for anyone wanting a Celtic tattoo."

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos : Tattoo Art: World's Most Popular Tattoo Designs ... Although some recent tribal art tattoos display colorful hues, most are still ..

Tattoo Artist

During three days, the biggest french tattoo convention, the Tattoo Art Fest, took place, for the third time, in the Parc Floral and gathered 7000 visitors around more than 150 world wide tattoo artists, featuring tattoo contests, burlesque shows, graffiti artists, photo exhibitions, and concerts