Why Tattoos are Considered Cool?

Being tattooed is not just a recent trend, but also one that has been going on since ancient times. Most people do not know that tattoos have been around for so long, and that they were not as popular as they are today.
A tattoo is nothing but marks made on the skin using an ink injecting needle that penetrates deep into the skin. Since the evolution of the modern tattoo art, this process has almost remained the same, except for the fact that most people use disposable needles to avoid serious infections like aids etc. In the ancient times, sharp bones were used to puncture the skin to make tattoos. However, these days' sophisticated needles are used to make tattoos which can create more than 30,000 punctures in a minute.
A tattoo is a needle puncturing the dermis as many as 30,000 punctures per minute with ink to create a desirable image or design. Disposable needles are used to achieve this, but in ancient times, they would use a sharp bone to tattoo the skin. The ink goes through many layers of the skin leaving permanent marks.
Tattoos are almost permanent because the needle punctures deeply into the skin. To remove a tattoo, one would need to undergo laser treatments, or dermabrasion. However, both treatments are costly, and extremely painful.
Before tattoos became a fad, they were associated with people such as gypsies, hippies, inmates, and sailors. However, with time, and them appearing more and more in the media, people began to favor tattooing their bodies. Celebrities adorning their bodies with tattoos have also influenced this fad quite a bit, and nowadays, you see people young and old getting tattoos. People consider their tattoos to be a personal statement, and have become a fashion norm in many parts of the world.

In earlier times, people were more reserved regarding their thoughts, passions and philosophies in public. Today however, there is openness about people, and they do not keep such expressions to themselves. A tattoo is a way that people are expressing their unique thoughts and feelings. Such people are considered bold for sharing their views.