Sexy Girl With Japanese Geisha Tattoo On The Back Body

Sexy Girl With Japanese Geisha Tattoo On The Back BodyRANDOM TATTOO QUOTE: Tattoos aren't meant for everybody and they're too goddamn good for some people. ---Lyle Tuttle, tattoo artist, author, and lecturer.

Male Lotus Flower Tattoo Picture

Hand Male Lotus Flower Tattoo

Female Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Hand Lotus Flower

Flower Tattoos

Stars Wrist Tattoo picture

Slide Show Tribal Dragon

Peacock Feather Tatoo

Peacock Feather TatooSexy girl showing peacock feather tatoo (tribal tatoo) on her back.

RANDOM TATTOO QUOTE: There is no perfect beauty that hath not strangeness in the proportion. ----Sir Francis Bacon - London, 1639

Mary J Blige Tattoos

Lets have a close look at the lovely tattoos of hip hop artist Mary J Blige.

Mary J Blige has a handful of tattoos, including a rather large rose on her right thigh and a beautiful cross on her upper left arm.

She also has her name "Mary J Blige" as an armband tattooed in old English lettering, on her right arm.

Checkout some photos of her array of tattoo designs.

Where Can I Buy Tattoo Designs?

Sometimes its a tough question.

But it doesnt have to be. Finding real quality, if not totally fantastic, Tattoo designs and artwork is easy if you know where to look. Although we have to be careful when searching online, when we can see what a site has to offer, that can take alot of the guess work out of the equation. Another thing that can make buying tattoo design's online easy , is a site that actually has top notch Tattoo Artist's as Members. 

What I mean by this is, there are tattoo design and info sites on the internet. Many of the sites, only offer tattoo designs, and worse yet, they offer designs from either books, or inexperienced tattoo artist wannabes. If a Tat artist is new and has unquestionable skills, thats awesome. But when a site offers the same old stuff , and expects us to pay for something that is totally un-original, thats where the problem happens.

And it happens alot.

But thats only because , until now, there hasnt been a great demand for artwork online. And a big reason there has been a lack of interest in buying tattoo designs online is the fact that all those tattoo design sites offer very lackluster designs. 

Basically the online Tatto Design industry needed a boost. And they finally have it. 

When people want quality tattoo design's, either for themselves or for selling purposes, they finally have a place to look. And by the numbers its obvious that people are looking. The new Tattoo design website I am talking about can be found by following this link right here:

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High quality tattoo designs is a tattoo membership site that is full of the best tattoo artist from around the WORLD!

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Not only can you check out awesome Tattoo designs -FREE- but you can also submit your own work as well. Tattoo artists are getting noticed, and they dont mind sharing there best work. This is a One of a kind site that can not be found anywhere else on the internet.

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If you feel like this might be something that would benefit you, just follow the link below - You will not regret this decision.Unless Tattoo's arent that big of a deal to you right now, which is totally cool, you will absolutely enjoy being apart of the biggest Tattoo community available.

Light And Dark

Image: Mr Bojangles

I'm a bit ill educated on the musical history of Lee Coombs but after looking at his release catalog I'd say it was fair to assume that he's one of the prominent DJ's of the past 10 years or so. I received two of his newest tracks that appear on his third album 'Light and Dark', including the title track and I'm hooked. I suggest you have a listen to them too but first here's a bit of info about the man.

‘Light and Dark’ is in Coombs own words “a true tech funk album”, an amalgam of sounds and influences from dance music’s often disparate scenes. Alongside acts like Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes and Elite Force, Coombs has pioneered this open minded attitude and helped forge the sound of ‘tech funk’, a fusion of techno, breaks, house and electro. On this long player Coombs takes the tech funk spirit and develops it to the n’th degree, it is a true melting pot of influences, from the opening bars of the Diva driven Control with the wonderful Katherine Ellis to the final refrain of the heavily Echo & the Bunnymen inspired ‘Blues I’m Singing’.

Lee Coombs feat. Katherine Ellis - Control.mp3 (Mediafire)
Lee Coombs - Light And Dark.mp3 (Mediafire)

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The Best Celtic Tribal Tattoo

Best New Tribal Tattoo

Best New Arm Tattoo

Best Celtic Cross Tattoo

The Best Tattoo Desain Gallery

skull back tattoo

skull back tattoo

Simpsons Halloween Tattoo

Simpsons Halloween Tattoo



Halloween Tattoo

Halloween Arm Tattoo Ideas


Photo: Le Moribond

Here's yet another update from recent featured artists Whis This, some more jackin' fidgit electro in the form of two original tracks and two remixes. Check out the two versions of Dodgems, the first a little down tempo to the second which has plenty of bass and even a dubstep break. Also a brilliant remix of M.I.A.'s 'Tic Toc'.

Whis This - Dodgems pt.1.mp3 (Mediafire)
Whis This - Dodgems pt.2.mp3 (Mediafire)
M.I.A. feat Rye Rye - Tic Toc (Whis This 3 Step Remix).mp3 (Mediafire)
Fukkk Offf - Love My Shake (Whis This Remix).mp3 (Mediafire)

Cool Face Tattoos

Cool Face TattoosCool Face Tattoos

Wake Up

Image: Jonas Bergstrand

You may remember a while back I posted some remixes and a mini interview with Meterhead, well they're back with another fine collection of remixes including official ones due for label release. Here's there latest EP all zipped up and ready for download including remixes for Wale, Black Lips and Acid Girls. Also, check out the EP from July featuring remixes of Richard Vission & Static Revenger, Pop Levi and Tittsworth.

Meterhead Remix EP Oct (Direct Link)
Wale ft Lady Gaga - Chillin (Meterhead Remix).mp3
Black Lips ft. GZA - Drop I Hold (Meterhead Remix).mp3
Acid Girls Ft. Frankmusik - Wake Up (Meterhead Remix).mp3

Meterhead Remix EP July (Direct link)
Richard Vission & Static Revenger Feat. Luciana - I Like That (Meterhead Remix).mp3
Richard Vission & Static Revenger Feat. Luciana - I Like That (Meterhead Instrumental).mp3
Pop Levi - Police Sign (Meterhead Remix).mp3
Pop Levi - Police Sign (Meterhead Instrumental).mp3
Tittsworth - Drunk as Fuck (Meterhead Dark Disco Instrumental Remix).mp3

Tattoo Face

Tattoo FaceTattoo Face

Face Tattoo

Face TattooFace Tattoo

Face Tattoos


tiger art tattoo

tiger art tattoo design in arm

Bull Tattoo - The Perfect and Fascinating Bull Tattoo Design For Men

Some tattoos, are suitable for men as well as women known as the unisex tattoos. However, few tattoos look good on either one of them. For women, designs like flower tattoos look good. The best for men are the bull tattoos. Since, the Bull represents a masculine symbol. It is always related to men. Bull tattoos are also related to zodiac signs too. The person wearing this tattoo is said to be strong, temperamental and impulsive. Hence, these tattoos are the best ones to explain your strong personality.

The head of the bull is one of the popular designs of the tattoo. The structure of the head is sharp and thus it helps the tattoo artists; to skillfully paint the art. The face is designed with a ring on the nose and with flaring nostrils that give an angry look to the face. Crescent shaped horns; cover the face of the bull. Each person has their own idea about the bull tattoo design. Some people, like the realistic appearance of the bull and others prefer a carton style tattoo. The carton style tattoo with the features of the bull is exaggerated. Here, the eye of the bull is painted in blazing colors of red. There are few people who design the head in such a way that it looks as though, it is bursting through the skin. Many tattoo designers, prefer this image when designing a skull.

Bull tattoos are designed as an action piece. Some of the action pieces of the tattoo designs are: charging on the target, running in sunset, trying to throw the cowboy; from the back of the bull, etc. The other new idea that has emerged is: the bull fighting inside or outside of the ring. All the good ideas lie inside you. The bull is related to the sun or the moon, in Hindu Mythology. The connotations associated with the celestial world can be used to design mythological bull tattoos. These tattoos are believed to turn their heads. The horn is meant to be half moon and the tip of the tail is displayed in the form of sun rays. There are countless unique designs of bull tattoo that fascinates the world of men.

Traditional Style Tattoo Skull


Photo: Sanne Sannes

California's Harvard Bass has added his touch to Beni's latest release Maximus out now on Kitsune. Its an electro stormer, perfect for dropping mid set when the place is already dripping from the ceiling at 2am. Check out the video for the original version here.

Beni - Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix).mp3 (Mediafire)

Dragonfly Lower Back Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoos Design

Phoenix Dragon Tribal Tattoo

Sexy Phoenix Tattoo