Cow Tattoos

Blue Dolphin Tattoo

Blue Dolphin TattooBlue Dolphin Tattoo

Social Standards of Tattoos

There are two types of people in the world of tattoos: the first is those who get one or two somewhat small, well thought out (or maybe not so well thought out), tattoos for a couple reasons. And the second is those who get tattooed to fulfill a deeper meaning and often have several or more tattoos. Tattoos address an individual's personal experiences and will most likely tell us what's important to that individual.

The first group of people that get tattooed are those that want to fit in or feel accepted by a larger peer group such as friends, colleagues, and organizations that they are involved with. Another often more common reason for this group, is that these people get tattooed out of rebellion. This group often gets tattooed when they are adolescents because of the conflicts over identity and to show their control of their own bodies. Tattoos have to be seen before someone can get the idea to get one done and the current medias interest with tattoos strongly fuels this system. Celebrities tattoos are constantly being showcased in movies, magazines, TV shows, and all other forms of media which heavily influences adolescents decisions in getting one.

The second group of people are those who get tattooed because it means something very personal to them and helps them express their thoughts, beliefs, and ideals as well as commemorate a special memory or loved one. These people often have a larger number of tattoos and sometimes even choose to cover their whole bodies. This is obviously the more outrageous group that has a deeper understanding of what tattoos used to stand for and think less about the stigmas surrounding tattoos in our current times.

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have been put on everyone from prison gangs to aristocrats. Just like anything else, there are certain trends and cycles that tattoos go through. Nowadays, tattoos have become much more complex and include almost any piece of 2D art that you can find that can fit onto a part of the human body as well as a full range of tattoo lettering. In the last 10-15 years they have become much more widely accepted and people from all walks of life now sport tattoos.

Angel Tattoos

does it hurt ????

does it hurt been tattooed??

maybe it was the first question in your mind about the art of tattoos, maybe I'll answer yes, you imagine a thousand needles piercing your skin where the pain, but not as bad as it was not scary so that you will feel more than the pain of constant movement in acupuncture. but the difference been tattooed pain can be felt in areas where have you been tattooed in the groin when will hurt worse than other regions, and also the pain you can bear with it certain how you handle the pain ... so feel the sensation

Tom Araya Tattoos

Tom Araya is an amazingly talented Chilean musician known for being the bass player and vocalist of the thrash metal band, Slayer.

Tom Araya has many tattoos on his body, including two nearly complete sleeves, as well as several other designs on his upper arms and shoulders.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a skull on his upper arm, along with two Kanji characters underneath. Plus many designs within his sleeve, including a star and bio-hazard symbol, plus a bracelet of sorts.

Contained within the sleeve on his left arm is the faces of three women, one of which resembles Jackie Onassis.

Tom also has a handful of other tattoos on his upper left arm and shoulder area, however they are rather difficult to identify clearly.

Rafael Araújo Tattoos

Rafael Araújo is a professinal Brazilian basketball player who has also spent some time in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz.

Rafael has quite a few tattoo designs, mainly on his arms and back.

On his left arm is a tattoo of a hand holding a basketball, along with 3 Kanji characters.

On his right arm is a large tattoo of a cartoon style shark with its tongue sticking out, along with a couple more larger Kanji characters, on his bicep and shoulder.

Rafael Araújo also has a rather large tribal style tattoo across the top of his back.

Lizard Tattoo Designs - The Sneaky Lizard Technique For Weeding Out Incredible Tattoo Art

Those who have been searching high and low for lizard tattoo designs online can attest to the fact that it's becoming ridiculously hard to bump across dependable gallery sites. I'm so amazed at the obscene number of boring artworks being exhibited by these poorly designed sites and they are just too many of them right now thereby effectively making the use of normal search engines redundant. I mean, who wants to waste their valuable time going over tons of bland drawings while clicking left and right all day long. Truth be told, it'll take you days, maybe weeks to sift the good sites from the crappy ones. Surely this is not the most conducive way of finding attractive lizard tattoo designs.

Look, I 'm going to show you another means of picking out gallery sites that present lizard tattoo designs that are hand-drawn by professional tattoo artists. Believe it or not, those bland gallery sites that appear in the first 50 pages or so of the search engine listings carry plenty of tattoo prints that are conceived using graphics application. That's why 95% percent of their prints are lacking in the creative department. A lot of creations were created by simply scanning stock images and then 'artificially' turned it into drawings using image manipulation technique. Well crafted lizard tattoo designs are not conceived in that fashion, no way!

Okay, now let's zero in on the meat. I coined my method as "the sneaky lizard technique" because well it's pretty sneaky as not many people are using this effective search process. Simply head over to a couple of tattoo message boards and just browse through the topics made by passionate board members. Most of them live and breathe tattoos and they are always putting out links in the resource section where message board lurkers such as you and I may benefit from. Since the owners of these message boards are so passionate about this topic, they won't allow members to display links to sites that contain generic sites that are loaded with eye numbing lizard tattoo designs.

Now what if the online message board of your choice has no resource section? No problemo. Look at the top or bottom of the site. See the search button there? Use it to find whatever information you wish. For instance, you can put in "lizard tattoo designs" in the search entry field and a goldmine of information pertaining to your query will surface in an instant. All thanks to those passionate board members! So use this sneaky lizard tactic and save yourself the headache of dealing with countless of generic tattoo galleries today.

The Big Red Dragon Tattoo

The Big Red Dragon Tattoo

Flower Tattoos

where on my body should i get a tatto?

in part where I had to put a tattoo?
before you use body art tattoo you should know which parts are not tattooed, and which parts are not allowed

there are some parts that should not have been tattooed for health reasons or for reasons of their own, but for your own good, which is not part of the body that can not been tattooed include: hair (of course, your hair should not be tattooed as far as I know there are no hair art technology tattoos), teeth and nails (this can be debated whether or not, but because of health reasons I recommend that you do not use a tattoo on the part of health reasons), the cornea and the eye can not sort of been tattooed medical

I only recommend you been tattooed in a place that looks fairly reasonable

I would recommend that been tattooed body parts include:
a. head: the head is a part of the body. but before you you have been tattooed on the shaved head. often been tattooed area is part of the head, above the ears. I tell you if you have a tattoo on his head shaking around your skull so ready
b. neck: the back of the neck and sides often been tattooed but remember you have to shave your hair short so it can be seen
c. Face: for this one I do not recommend you tattoos all over his face, which is this face is part of the face such as eyebrows, or you can use temporary tattoos
d. upper chest: one of the standard areas for tattoos of men and women. symbolizes masculinity for men but for women symbolize sensuality
e. Breast (women): usually for a woman would look very sexy and confident when using tattoos in the area
f. nipple: aims for aesthetic and self-esteem, there is also a tattoo on the nipple area because of the loss of their nipples and surgical reconstruction through tattoos
g. ribs: the ribs for a tattoo would be so painful, they are usually tattooed on the back to wrap the ribs to the front, I thought it was really cool to use a tattoo
h. stomach: I do not recommend to been tattooed in the abdominal area, especially for men because of our age will change physically, especially for men the most rapid change is part of the stomach, look very ugly if one day you change your tattoo.
h. sex: for men I would not recommend it been tattooed in part because it is very difficult, but for a woman would look so hot when been tattooed on the genitals
i. thigh / hip: popular for a woman to tattoo in this section
j. ankle: This section is also popular for been tattooed
k. feet: You can use the tattoo in this section if you want
l. armpit: usually wrap the tattoo on his arm from back to front chest, and carefully been tattooed in this section is very funny
m. arm: This section is very popular with users because it easily visible tattoos and very artistic
n. Other parts are: wrist, shoulder, back, buttocks

Nicole Appleton Tattoo

Nicole Appleton is a lovely and talented Canadian pop star, known for being a member of the hugely successful pop group "All Saints" and later "Appleton" with her sister Natalie Appleton.

Much like her sister, Nicole Appleton only has one tattoo design.

The tattoo is on the left side of her lower abdomen, and its of the Chinese symbol representing the "Year of the Tiger".

Natalie Appleton Tattoo

Natalie Appleton is a great Canadian pop singer, best known for being a member of the all girls pop group "All Saints" and later as part of the group "Appleton" with her little sister, Nicole Appleton.

Natalie has a single tattoo design on her body, located on her lower back and its of a small bow tie, along with two other unknown symbols.

Fiona Apple Tattoos

Fiona Apple is an extremely talented and creative American singer-songwriter, with a music style influenced by jazz, pop and alternative rock.

Fiona Apple has two tattoo designs which we know of and both are located on her lower back.

She has a tattoo of the letters "KIN" and "FHW" on the lower portion of her back (Not Pictured).

Leg Tattoos

Chest Tattoos

Carmelo Anthony Tattoos

Carmelo Anthony, often referred to as "Melo" is a tremendously talented NBA professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets, known for his smooth style and clutch jump shots.

Carmelo Anthony is pretty much covered in tattoos, mainly both his arms, chest and back.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a flaming basketball with the letters "C A", the classic "Smile Now Cry Later" faces, but with a dagger in the head of the crying face.

He also has a snake wrapped around a dagger, on the outer portion of his right forearm along with a couple of stars and "Who Can I Trust" on his bicep.

Some of the tattoos on his left arm include, a bulldog with playing cards in the background, his nickname "Melo" with a flaming tribal tattoo design of sorts.

Some of Carmelo Anthony's other tattoo designs include, a spiderweb on his left elbow, "WB" just below his left shoulder, which stands for "West Baltimore".

Melo also has several phrases tattooed on his chest, one of which reads "No struggle, no progress".

Checkout these pictures of Carmelo Anthony and his tattoos.

Marc Anthony Tattoos

Marc Anthony is a Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and actor, but perhaps best known for his high profile marriage to the beautiful singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

Marc Anthony has five tattoo designs on his body, some of which are difficult to see clearly.

He has a large cross on the lower portion of his right leg, just above his ankle. A tribal style tattoo of sorts on his right arm.

On the into part of his right wrist, is the name of his wife "Jennifer" Lopez.

Marc also has two small tattoos on his chest, but its not totally clear what they are, however one resembles a man with a cowboy hat.