eagle tatto

In the past, Eagle tattoo designs are symbolic of freedom and masculinity where the eagle symbolizes the sun in ancient history.  The eagle was worshipped by the Kopts as icon of strength and elusive power, while the Greeks and Persians recognized it with incomparable significance.
Ancient people believe that Eagle tattoo designs reflect power, wealth, success, prosperity and strength.  Military men and patriotic citizens prefer to have eagle tattoos in their bodies as a reminder of liberty and freedom.  These tattoos are combined with flags, emblems and banners portraying acts of patriotism as homage to the whole nation.
It was at the time of George Washington as the 1st President of the US that the eagle was chosen as the symbol of the great nation.  In North America, bald eagles could be found representing enormous power.  The Eagle tattoo designs gained utmost popularity as symbol of America, and people wearing this kind of tattoo are perceived to pay due respect and honor to the nation.