kurt cobain's widow to show off tattoos

Old is not active in cyberspace, Kourtney Love re-emerged with his Twitter account. This appearance also looks sensational. He's showing off his new tattoo while naked.

"It's me Courtneylover79 and I will return victorious," he wrote in a Twitter
Then, he posted two photographs featuring naked flower tattoo on her arm. He's just covering her breasts with one hand.

In the third photo, she displays photographs in which she was wearing only a black bra. In the photo, she looks grimaced with his eyes with his hands, when his stomach is tattooed pink roses.

Meanwhile, Courtney is preparing the release of new album with his band. He seems to seriously make a band, the plan early next February he would go around Europe.

Previously, the legendary musician Kurt Cobain's widow loses custody of her daughter who was aged 17 years, Frances Bean. Custody currently dominated Cobain's mother and sister.

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